Education Committee Members

EC 2018.jpg from left to right: Jolanda ten Brinke, Rose Luciano, Veronique Van der Zypen(Chair), Katleen Meeuws

Job description:
Job description member EC.pdf
Job description ECHT coordinator signature and assessment.pdf

ECHT coordinator

jolanda ten brinke.jpg

Name: Jolanda ten Brinke
Occupation: occupational therapist / certified hand therapist (CHT-NL)
Nationality: Dutch

Contact by mail: echt@eurohandtherapy.org

EC Chair

Name: Véronique van der Zypen-Wyss
Nationality: Swiss
Education: 2005 Physiotherapist, 2013 ECHT

Work experience as PT:
since 2005 Hand Therapy Department of University Hospital Berne, Switzerland: trauma, reconstruction, peripheral nerves, plastic surgery.

Present position:
Physiotherapist Hand Therapy Department of University Hospital Berne, Switzerland


2006-2015 Vice president of Hand Therapy Department of University Hospital Berne
2008-2014 Member of Board of Swiss Society for Hand Therapy (2011-2014 chairman and Swiss delegate for EFSHT and IFSHT)

2010-2014 Member of organising committee national hand therapy congress Switzerland

2017 to present member EC EFSHT
2016 to present reviewer for ECHT-applications