Education Committee Members

Georgia Petta, Vera Beckmann-Vriess, Katleen Meeus and Terese Aglen


Job description:
Job description member EC 2021.pdf
Job description ECHT coordinator 2021.pdf
Job description Chair EC 2021.pdf

ECHT coordinator

Name: Terese Aglen
Occupation: occupational therapist
Nationality: Norwegian

Contact by mail:

EC Chair

GEORGIA_PETTA.JPGName: Georgia Petta
Nationality: Greek
Education: 1978 Physiotherapist, 1990 Clinical Specialization in HT, 2000 MSc in Health Services Management, 2015 Phd: Public Health policy and physiotherapy

Work experience as PT:
since 1990 Private Upper Limb Physio clinic, Athens, Greece
Since 1994 teacher of Musculoskeletal problems in Physio School (UNIVERSITY OF WEST ATTICA) Athens

Present position:
Lab.Prof of Physiotherapy in UNIVERSITY OF WEST ATTICA, teaching classes of Upper Limb musculoskeletal disorders


1992-2000, 2010-2020 Delegate of Greece in EFSHT
1996 Member of Scientific committee of 3rd EFSHT Congress in Paris
1999 President of 5th EFSHT Congress in ATHENS
2004 Physiotherapist in Olympic Games in Athens
2005-2010, 2015-to present President of Greek Hand Therapy Association (EEEF sector)
2005 to present Chair of Education Committee of Greek Hand Therapy Association
2015-2018 Member of Nomination Com EFSHT
1997- to present member of organizing and scientific committees, national and international congresses hold in Greece and Cyprus
1996 To present publications and congress papers as presented in link
2020 to present Member of EdCom EFSHT