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The Executive Committee

The Exec is carrying into effect the resolutions and activities decided by the Council. The Exec is delegated the managing authority by the Council of the Federation for the periods between Council Meetings. The Exec officers are elected by the Council after a nomination by delegates of full member societies. The specific functions of the officers are listed in Articles 11 - 14 of the Federation by-laws.

President 2021-2023

Francesco Romagnoli.jpgName: Francesco Romagnoli
Nationality: Italian
Education: Occupational Therapist 2012, Rehabilitation in Hand Surgery 2014
Work experience:
- FRT - Hand Therapy (Parma - Borgo Val di Taro, Italy) I'm in charge of my own practice and I consulting in 3 other clinics in northern Italy. I treat all major hand conditions, conservative and post-surgical .
- Researcher at Brescia University (UNIBS)in the field of innovation of hand therapy, focused on work related upper limb diseases assessment and prevention.
- Teacher at Modena and Reggio Emilia University (UniMoRe) in the fields of "Biomechanics of the hand, the wrist and the upper limb"; "Special techniques for Occupational Therapy: upper limb diseases, with ideation and crafting of dedicate splints".

Assignments: 2016 - present, Member of the Italian Society for Hand Rehabilitation (AIRM) board; 2016 - 2019 EFSHT delegate for the Italian Society for Hand Rehabilitation; 2016 - present IFSHT delegate for the Italian Society for Hand Rehabilitation

President-Elect 2021-2023

Karin Boer.JPGName: Karin Boer
Occupational Therapist
Work experience as OT:
January 1999-march 2014, Ziekenhuis Bronovo, Den Haag, Occupational and Hand therapist.
April 2014- present: Hand & Pols Centrum, Den Haag, Occupational and Hand Therapist and general manager of the centre.

- February 2009-May 2014, secretary of the Dutch Society for Hand Therapy
- May 2014-april 2021, President of the Dutch Society for Hand therapy
- May 2014-2021, delegate of the Dutch Society for Hand therapy NVHT for EFSHT
- May 2014-now, delegate of the Dutch Society for Handtherapy NVHT for IFSHT
- Member of adviesraad Hand-ergotherapie, Ergotherapie Nederland since 2017
- Co author: Profiel Specialisatie Hand-Ergotherapie, ISBN/EAN 978-90-823027-1-4, 2015 Ergotherapie Nederland
- Co-organizer of the therapist sessions of the 12th triennial combined EFSHT-FESSH congress, Budapest, Hungary

General Secretary 2012-2022

2017 paul.jpg Name: Paul De Buck
Nationality: Belgian
Education: 2004 Msc. Physiotherapist - 2008 Msc. Manual Therapy
Work experience as PT:
- 2004-2005 independent physiotherapists at private practices.
- 2005-2007 University Hospital Ghent part-time as general physiotherapist and part-time at the hand rehabilitation center.
- 2007-2010 Manual Therapist/Hand therapist at a private practice.
- 2010 - present Hand Therapist - Manuel Therapist at the Hand and Wrist Rehabilitation Center in Terneuzen, the Netherlands, general manager of the centre.

- 2007-Present: practical assistant/lector at Ghent University, Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy with the focus on handrehbilitation (general and sports specific).
- 2007-2012 EFSHT and IFSHT delegate of the Belgian Hand Therapists.
- 2012 Congress President-Organizer of the European Hand Therapy Day, Antwerp, Belgium
- 2014 Congress Organizer of the Belgian Hand Therapist congres on CRPS, Belgium.
- 2014-Present: Coördinator of and teacher at the Hand Therapy Course at the post-university education program at Ghent University since 2014.
- 2015-2019: Head of the certification program for the Belgian Hand Therapists.
- 2017: Chair of the organizing committee of the 12th triennial comined EFSHT - FESSH congress, Budapest, Hungary

Treasurer 2020-2023

2017 Gabi.jpg Name: Gabriele Versümer Bücker
Nationality: Swiss
Education:1983 Diploma as Occupational Therapist at the "Schule am evangelischen Waldkrankenhaus" in Berlin, Germany, 2009 MAS MSG Master of Advanced Studies in Social Services and Healthcare Management, Hochschule HSLU Lucerne Switzerland.

Work Experience as OT:

January 1995 - present: Zentrum für Ergotherapie in Bern, Switzerland. Together with my husband (OT) we are in charge of our own practice with three employees. Mainly we treat patients with different hand injuries, complex trauma and post surgical hand/upper limb cases. We are in collaboration with different hand surgeons in our city and with the university hospital in Bern (Inselspital).
January 1995 - June 2008: Lecturer at the School of Occupational Therapy in Biel Switzerland and also involved in the practical training of these students (splinting a.s.o.)
February 1991 - January 1995: Member of the school team at the School of Occupational Therapy in Biel Switzerland as lecturer and Member of different committees: Thesis - Committee, Examination - Committee, Admission - Committee
May 1988 - Dezember 1990: OT at the Bezirksspital Oberdiessbach, Switzerland
June 1983 - April 1988: OT at the Rehabilitation center Bayreuth, Germany

Member of the EVS (Swiss Professional Association for Occupational Therapy) 1990 to date
Member of the SGHR (Swiss Society of Hand Rehabilitation) 2005 to date
Member of the EFSHT Board: 2011 - 2016
President elect EFSHT: 2011 - 2012
President EFSHT: 2012 - 2014
Past President EFSHT: 2014 - 2016
Member of the SGHR Board: 2005 - 2011
Vice- President SGHR: 2006 - 2008
President SGHR: 2008 - 2011
Co Organiser of national SGHR - Meetings: 2006, 2009 - 2011
Member of the project team to kick off the development of the CAS (Certificate in Advanced Studies) in Hand Therapy 2007
Substitute EFSHT Delegate: 2006
EFSHT/ IFSHT Delegate: 2007 -2011

Past-President 2021 - 2023

Helle.jpgName: Helle Puggaard
Nationality: Danish
Education: Occupational Therapist 1999, Rehabilitation in Hand Surgery 2014
Work experience: Specialized hand rehabilitation at Aalborg University Hospital, Department of Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy, since 2000. Teaching at University College of Northern Denmark since 2014.
Member of the Danish Society for Hand Therapy board 2007 - ,
Vice President 2009 -
European delegate of the Danish Society for Hand Therapy 2009-2017.

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