The main aims of the Federation are: co-ordinating the activities of the various European Societies for Hand Therapy and increasing and enhancing the exchange of knowledge of Hand Therapy.

These aims are achieved by the following objectives:

  • to co-ordinate activities by maintaining a liaison with the various societies;
  • to promote the unrestricted and complete exchange of knowledge among the participating members of the Federation;
  • to exchange knowledge through publications and scientific meetings;
  • to facilitate and extend study possibilities in and among the various countries with a member society;
  • to standardise education in common agreement with the education institutes for Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy leading to a European diploma specialising in rehabilitation of the hand;
  • to promote co-operation between Hand therapists and Hand surgeons or other specialists who have a major interest in the anatomy and function of the hand;
  • to develop goals of mutual interest between the European Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand and the Federation