Hand Therapy Workshops May 2018 (language French)

Hand Therapy Workshops will be held in May, the 4th and 5th, in Luxemburg.

This second training course is arranged by the French Society of Hand Therapy in association with the French Society of Hand Surgery.
The official language will be French.
Please visit our websites for further information and registration:

ECHT template Case Study

2018 ECHT-Template-Case Study PDF.pdf

list of European Certified Hand Therapists (update January 2018)

2018 January ECHT register update.pdf UPDATE!

The making of....

go to the article "the making of an ECHT by Ellen de Boer 2017-05.pdf

Hand Certification in Europe - an overview (update June 2016)

Within the EFSHT many national hand therapy societies have developed their own national certification programmes aimed at recognising competence and experience in this specific practice area. In this document you can find the different certification processes arranged alphabetically by country.

EFSHT Hand Therapy Certification overview December 2016

The European Certified Hand Therapist is a higher certification process that builds on national qualifications. It aims to recognise highly qualified hand therapy specialists across Europe.

Journal 'HandTherapy'

Journal Handtherapy, official journal of EFSHT and BAHT, now available in printing and web version. Information