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list of European Certified Hand Therapists (update January 2019)

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Hand Certification in Europe - an overview (update January 2019)

Within the EFSHT many national hand therapy societies have developed their own national certification programmes aimed at recognising competence and experience in this specific practice area. In this document you can find the different certification processes arranged alphabetically by country.

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The European Certified Hand Therapist is a higher certification process that builds on national qualifications. It aims to recognise highly qualified hand therapy specialists across Europe.

The making of....

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One of the aims of the EFSHT is to establish common pathways of care for hand rehabilitation. It is hoped that the establishment of the European Certified Hand Therapist (ECHT) qualification will enhance this aim, by encouraging experienced therapists to continue post-graduate education and professional development in this specialised field.
The ECHT qualification was developed to recognize therapists who, in addition to achieving their own National certification, have shown an advanced level of competence and have made a significant personal contribution to the field of Hand Therapy in general.
The documents below detail the qualifications needed and process to follow to achieve the ECHT. Please always check that you have the latest version of the documents when you apply.

Quick Scan: Checklist ECHT

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ECHT Coordinator

jolanda.jpg name: Jolanda Ten Brinke
occupation: occupational therapist / certified hand therapist (CHT-NL)
nationality: Dutch
contact by mail: echt@eurohandtherapy.org

FAQ about the ECHT

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how to become a European Certified Hand Therapist

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Hand Therapy Certification in Europe an overview of the process in different countries

Update June 2016: EFSHT - Hand Therapy Certification overview - 062016 def.pdf

EUROPEAN CERTIFICATION - ECHT Documents and Application Forms


EFSHT Hand Therapist Profile 2012.pdf

EFSHT Curriculum final 2012.pdf

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EFSHT Self evaluation of Professional accomplishments and contribution evaluation 2015 Final.pdf

Application forms

Initial Application ECHT online form
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Re-certification forms

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Point System for Re-certification ECHT 2015.pdf

Application form

Initial Application for the European Certified Hand Therapist Credential
Name of Applicant
Family name
First name
Date of Birth (Day/Month/Year)
Professional information
 Occupational Therapist (OT)
 Physical Therapist (PT)
Please indicate the date you graduated as OT/PT
Number of years of experience as OT/PT
Please list the Hand Therapy Society of which you are a member, and that has certified you as Hand Therapist
Please list your society membership number (if your society does not issue membership numbers please write no number)
Please indicate the date you were certified as a Hand Therapist in your country
Number of years of Hand Therapy experience
Please list the number of hours of experience you can document in Hand Therapy
Contact information
Home address
Postal Code
Workplace address (if you have more than one current place of employment, please add a line and include all contact information for your current employment situations, including the institute or department name)
Postal Code
Telephone contact information (please include the country code)
Home phone
Work phone
Cell phone
Fax / Other
E-mail contact information
E-mail address
I (applicant) hereby confirm that I have carefully read the EFSHT ECHT Candidate Handbook and feel that I will be able to meet the criteria and therefore declare my intent to begin this process. I confirm that the information presented in this application is accurate and true.
Date and location
A copy of this information will be emailed to the supplied e-mailaddress