Introduction to Hand Therapy Courses - EFSHT guidelines -

These guidelines were created to help anyone who wants to organize Hand Therapy Courses for qualified but less experienced hand therapists. Good luck! If you need assistance in finding speakers just email

2021-07 Guidelines Introduction course.pdf

Guidance on writing articles for publication

To read the article on how to write an article for publication, bjht2007 Guidance on writing articles for publication.pdf


This study used Delphi consensus strategies in order to achieve multidisciplinary consensus (between FESSH-hand surgeons, EFSHT-hand therapists and PRM physicians) on a total of 5 treatment guidelines:
1) trigger finger 2014,
2) De Quervain's disease 2014,
3) Dupuytren's disease 2013,
4) Guyon canal syndrome 2013 ,
5) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 2014

This study was coordinated by Dr. Bionka Huisstede and supported by the EFSHT and FESSH

Mallet Finger