Promanu Edition 2012/2

Silvia Laengin, Andrea Grass, Barbara Kometer: Conservative treatment of CMC I arthrosis: experience report (German)
Bryan O'Callaghan: Skier's thumb: the identification of the Stener's lesion with echography (French)
Francesca Pertile: Pollicisation - Hypoplasia - Aplasia of the thumb (Italian)
Katrin Voss: CMC-splint: a possible aid in daily life of therapy? (German)
Sonia Kraft-Fidelis: Principles of rehabilitation after a major hand trauma. Transfer of the 2nd toe to allow pinch (French)
Brigitte Sparl: Therapeutical relevance of the interossei and lumbrical muscles in reduced mobility of the hand (German)
Cécile Kayar, Francesca Pertile: Flexible splinting following a thumb or wrist trauma (Italian)
Michael Poepping: An effective splint for thumb adduction position (German)