Rehabilitation in Hand Surgery, (15 ECTS)

Rehabilitation in Hand Surgery, 15 ECTS


This course aims to enable specialised studies at an advanced level (A). The course recognises components of health according to the conceptual model of the International Classifcation of Functioning, Disability and Health - ICF (WHO) - and adopts a biopsychosocial perspective. An international faculty focuses on hand rehabilitation as an inter-professional subject area and presents current research and clinical development from an evidence-based perspective.


In order to attend the course you must have a degree in an Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy program, or in Medical Science. A specific entry qualification is documented clinical experience at a hand surgery unit.


Examination consists of the completion of individual assignments as well as active participation in literature seminars and lectures. In order to pass the course, 75% attendance is required. In the event of abscence, individual written assignments as well as mandatory assignments must be completed.

Students who pass the course will receive a certifcate for 15 ECTS. Students who pass the course but lack the specific entry requirement will receive a certificate indicating their participation in 130 hours of studies of Rehabilitation in Hand Surgery.


The course will be held in Malm�?¶ Sweden throughout the course of one year. Students will meet for one week at a time, on 4 separate occasions, totalling 20 days.

More information:
Websites: ( luvit.ced.lu.se) and (dinkurs.se)