DAHTH Journal, Jahrgang 19 - Heft 2, Dezember 2016

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  • Komplikationen nach Radiuskopffrakturen
  • Medical Flossing in der Handtherapie
  • CMC-I Osteoarthrosis - The Conservative Treatment
Journal of The German Hand Therapy Society, June 2015

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  • Post-operative rehabilitation after surgical stabilization of the distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ) in chronic palmar instability
  • The often underestimated fifth finger: small but significant. Handtherapy using the principles of Spiraldynamic®
  • A trainingsplint for treatment of the CMC subluxation and Z- deformity for patients with Thumb Osteoarthritis.
  • Hand and brain: Neurocognitive therapy following tendon and nerve injuries

Journal of The German Hand Therapy Society, June 2014


  • The lumbrical-plus-phenomenon K. Delow, T. Pillukat
  • If splints are not worn - what can we do? Facilitation for patients using the example of flexor tendon injury E. Bohli
  • Minimal dysfunction of the extensor aponeurosis P. Hahn
  • Treatment protocols and outcome of extensor tendon injuries of digits zone V-VII. An evidence based comparison H. Wendt
  • Microsurgical strategies in brachial plexus repairs N. Sinis
  • Physical Therapy after traumatic brachial plexus injuries D. Neye

Journal of The German Hand Therapy Society, December 2013

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Special Issue: Nerves


  • Operative Treatment of traumatic nerve lesions
  • Muscle transposition following peripheral nerve injuries
  • Treatment and understanding of neural structures
  • CRPS: change Type I to Type II? An unusual treatment option
  • Neurodynamic aspects in a patient with complex impairment of hand function
  • Thoughts of a hand surgeon while performing a nerve repair
Journal of The German Hand Therapy Society, June 2013

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  • ICF-Core Sets for the Hand: Update, validation, implementation: S. Kus et al
  • Evaluation of functional performance according to Susan Isernhagen: G. Schnalke
  • Flaps of the upper extremity and early initiated Hand Therapy: L. Walle, N. Hentschel
  • New options for Hand Rehabilitation using TRX®: B. Dopfer, R. Görges-Radina
  • Boeger therapy and the management of scar tissue: D. Boeger
Journal of The German Hand Therapy Society, December 2012

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  • "Wide awake approach" - Anesthesia: O. Wölfle, M. Sauerbier
  • Recent developments in the treatment of Dupuytren´s contracture: Dr. Jörg Witthaut
  • Postoperative treatment of Dupuytren´s contracture as practiced in the Dept. of Hand Surgery, Bad Neustadt/Saale: M. Behrendt, I. Gundelwein, Prof. J. van Schoonhoven
  • CMC-splint: A possible source of relief in the daily clinical routine?: K. Voss
Journal of The German hand Therapy Society, June 2012

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Special Edition: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

  • Multimodal Therapy in CRPS: A. Reiners
  • Neurocognitive rehabilitation according to Perfetti in CRPS: B. Gambihler, M. Neugebauer
  • Cognitive therapeutic interventions: Case study of a patient after complex hand surgery: A. Hess
  • Graded Motor Imagery Programme: Neurophysiological basis and application in the treatment of pain syndrome: U. Jörn Good, M. Marks
  • Mirror therapy in CRPS: What's new?: A. Rothgangel, M. Tomczak
  • Medical Training Therapy as part of a sport physical therapy programme for patients with CRPS: A report on experience gained at the Centre for Rehabilitation Medicine, Hamburg: K. Klages
  • Psychological apects and psychotherapeutical approaches in CRPS: A. Stolle, C. Rolko
Journal of the German Hand Therapy Society , December 2011

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  • Intelligent hand and brain work: Experimental studies concerning the planning of simple movements - Univ Professor Dr Matthias Weigelt
  • Motivational factors in Hand Therapy. proposals for the daily practice - Christine Felder PhD
  • Is focal dystonia in musicians hereditary? - Alexander Schmid M.D, Dip Mus; Eckhart AltenMuller, Prof M.D.
  • Focal Dystonia in Musicians, treatment approaches in physical and occupational therapy. - Dagmar Wolff PhD
Journal of the German Hand Therapy Society , June 2011



  • Bacterial infections of the hand - János Hankiss
  • Early functional rehabilitation of the hand and its influence on wound healing and scar tissue formation - Claudia Bernhöft
  • Congenital hand deformities: Diagnosis, indication for, and timing of , surgical interventions - Hildegunde Piza-Katzer, Andrea Wenger
  • Current orthopaedic technological treatment for the upper extremity - Boris Bertram
Journal of the German Hand Therapy Society, December 2010

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  • Macroamputation - Strategies for replantation and hand therapy practice, Christian Pessenlehner, Dominik Simon
  • Toe transfer in infancy, Rolf Habenicht, Wiebke Hülsemann, Max Mann
  • Bilateral arm transplantation following traumatic amputation: a review 2008-2009, Karin Paschinger, Isa-Katharina von Arnim, Margrit Moraht, Sandra Winter, Bernd Ellner, Manuel Klose, Marie-Isabel von Schweinitz
  • Bilateral arm transplantation: Neurocognitive Rehabilitation according Prof. Carlo Perfetti, Karin Paschinger
  • The postoperative development of phantom pain one year after bilateral arm transplantation, Karin Paschinger
  • The thoughts of a hand surgeon during hand and finger replantation, Martin Langer