Journal of The German hand Therapy Society, June 2012

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Special Edition: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

  • Multimodal Therapy in CRPS: A. Reiners
  • Neurocognitive rehabilitation according to Perfetti in CRPS: B. Gambihler, M. Neugebauer
  • Cognitive therapeutic interventions: Case study of a patient after complex hand surgery: A. Hess
  • Graded Motor Imagery Programme: Neurophysiological basis and application in the treatment of pain syndrome: U. Jörn Good, M. Marks
  • Mirror therapy in CRPS: What's new?: A. Rothgangel, M. Tomczak
  • Medical Training Therapy as part of a sport physical therapy programme for patients with CRPS: A report on experience gained at the Centre for Rehabilitation Medicine, Hamburg: K. Klages
  • Psychological apects and psychotherapeutical approaches in CRPS: A. Stolle, C. Rolko