Journal of the German Hand Therapy Society, December 2010

Journal of the German hand Therapy Society Titlepage Dec 2010.jpg


  • Macroamputation - Strategies for replantation and hand therapy practice, Christian Pessenlehner, Dominik Simon
  • Toe transfer in infancy, Rolf Habenicht, Wiebke Hülsemann, Max Mann
  • Bilateral arm transplantation following traumatic amputation: a review 2008-2009, Karin Paschinger, Isa-Katharina von Arnim, Margrit Moraht, Sandra Winter, Bernd Ellner, Manuel Klose, Marie-Isabel von Schweinitz
  • Bilateral arm transplantation: Neurocognitive Rehabilitation according Prof. Carlo Perfetti, Karin Paschinger
  • The postoperative development of phantom pain one year after bilateral arm transplantation, Karin Paschinger
  • The thoughts of a hand surgeon during hand and finger replantation, Martin Langer