Dutch Journal of Handtherapy (NTHT) volume 25, no. 1 - April 2016

Articles with * are in English

'Chronic thenar compartment syndrome'
Talisa van Brederode and Peter Houpt

'The minimum clinically important difference of the patient-rated wrist evaluation score for patients with distal radius fractures' *
Monique Walenkamp. Robert-Jan de Muinck Keizer, Carel Goslings, Lara Vos. Melvin Rosenwasser and Niels Schep

'De Quervain Synergy (QST) Test' *
Wim Brandsma, Ton AR Schreuders and Lise Brons-Brandsma

'Intermanual Transfer in prosthetic Training'
Thesis Sietske Romkema, University of Groningen

'The app-thumb'
Jos Visser - Vos

'Impairment of theCMC-1 joint, a dynamic approach'
Yvonne Klepke

'Report on the autumn congress 2015'
Nicky Schmalgemeijer

'Static adjustable PIP-extension splint'
Lizet Broekhuizen and Ton Schreuders

'Conservative and surgical treatment of primary arthrosis of the thumb basis'
J.H. van Uchelen

'First dorsal interosseus: abductor and flexor indicis- its relevance in clinical assessment'*
Wim Brandsma, Ton AR Schreuders and Donald Sammut

'Splinter in your thumb resulting in admission to an intensive care unit ... and then ... '
Anne Kraaijeveld en Laura Broekman

Dynamic traction splint in intra- articular fractures
Isabella Goessens en Lique Chatrou

'Conservative treatment of a volar plate lesion of the thumb, a case study'
Linda Weinberger en Lisette Priem-Kip

Custom-made pro and supination splint
Ineke Brils, Marjolijn Lunter, Marieke van Katwijk en Mike van Heel

'Ultrasound of the thumb' *
Niek Vink

'Clinimetrics in Hand Therapy: Hand Assessment Recommendations for Therapy (HandART)' *
Thesis Lucelle van de Ven-Stevens, University of Nijmegen.

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