Dutch Journal of Handtherapy Volume 28, no 2 - November 2019

* in English

New Hands, Preface
Daan Wessing

TFCC? No! Other Causes of ulnar Wrist Complaints

C.M. Stekelenburg, A.H. Schuuurman

Thumb Carpometacarpal Osteoarthritis: Prediction Rehabilitation and Contextual Effects

PhD Thesis Jonathan Tsehaie

Report on the IFSHT Congress Berlin

By the editors

The Role of Ultrasound in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome *

Stefanie Evers, Verena Schrier

Clinical Outcomes in Prostheses for the Distal Radio-Ulnar Joint

Gertjan Kroon, Elske Bonhof- Jansen, Tjeerd de Jong

Can I Drive Using a Wrist Plaster Cast?

Marc Megroot

Introducing Two New Editors

Tara Stobbe, new editor, Robbert Wouters, the new editor-in-chief

Symposium 'The Child'

Anne Kraaijeveld- Trentelman, Elianne Eijffinger

From the Board

Karin Boer- Vreeke, President Dutch Society for Hand Therapy

Call! Who dares?

Call for more evidence-based hand therapy using PICO-CAT

Editorial Board

From the Editorial Board

Revision of Guidelines for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Editorial Board

Royal Award for Wim Brandsma, Knight in the Order of Orange Nassau

Nicole de Wit

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Guidelines for authors

Dutch Journal of Handtherapy Volume 28, no 1 - april 2019

Articles with * are in English

Daan Wessing

'Hand surgery in Cerebral Palsy'
Anouk Louwers, Jessica Warnink-Kavelaars, Miryam Obdeijn, Mick Kreulen,Frans Nollet, Anita Beelen

'The Assisting Hand Assessment'
A measuring instrument in mapping the use of the affected hand in children with a unilateral impairment
Karin Boeschoten

'Motor development in Obstretic Brachial Plexus Lesion'
Veronique Schaaf

'Effect of splinting and influencing factors on extension of the proximal interphangeal joint in children with camptodactyly'
Floor Ebenau-Schulten, Monique den Hollander-Ardon

'Standard Outcome Measurement Set'
The development of an international set of outcome measures in children with congental disorders of the upper extremity
Monique den Hollander-Ardon, Christianne van Nieuwenhoven

'Juvenil pain, a new App

'Effective use of the 'small'hand: from fixation to grip'
Annoek Louwers, Lisanne van der Molen-Meulmeester, Chantal van der Horst, Jessica Warnink-Kavelaars

'Hand splints in children: a specialized skill'
Olga van der Niet, Marjan van der Groep, Paula Wijdenes

'Both-Bone forearm fractures in children' *
Joost Colaris

'Symposium 'Day of the PROM's & Dupuytren's Disease'
Tim Besjes, Anne Kraaijeveld-Trentelman

'Job Offer'
Asked: Editor in Chief for the Dutch Journal of Handtherapy

'Report on the NPI Masterclass Handtherapy in Children'
Floor Ebenau-Schulten

'Dutch guidelines in Handfractures and -luxations: process and outcomes'
Gertjan Kroon, Karin Schoneveld

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Guidelines for authors

Dutch Journal of Handtherapy (NTHT) Volume 27, no 2 - november 2018

Articles with * are in English

Daan Wessing

'Dutch guidelines in the treatment of flexor tendon injuries of the hand'
Gwendolyn van Strien, Marjolein Wind

'Report on the spring symposium 'Nerves' June 2018' *
Anne Kraaijeveld

'Neuralgic Amyotrophy'
Tim Besjes

'Is Hand therapy necessary after tenodermodesis or is it not?'
Mattie Dapper, Daan Wessing, Ernst Evenhuis

'Glomustumor in the Hand'
Rita van Hoof, Anja Verhoeff

'Letter to the editor'
Effectiveness of mechanical traction as a noninvasive treatment tool in carpal tunnel syndrome in comparison to usual care
Sietske Romkema, Elise Karssies, Suzanne Boer

'Reaction on Letter to the editor'
Margreet Meems, Victor Pop

'From the Board, report on The Council Meeting EFSHT 2018'
Karin Boer- Vreeke

'Is there 'music' in malunion of a metacarpal head fracture?' *
Karin Boer- Vreeke

'Basic principles in the rehabilitation of elbow disorders'
Jelle Heisen

'Hands Across Borders. Gratitude for gifts to support divers projects'
Paul Zagt, Ton Schreuders, Marjolein Wind

'Letter to the editor'
Tendontransfers in hand and wrist in peripheral nerve injury
Wim Brandsma

'Reaction on Letter to the Editor'
MJPF Ritt, CHJJ Franke

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Guidelines for authors

Dutch Journal of Handtherapy (NTHT) volume 27, no. 1 - April 2018

Articles with * are in English

'Preface, a new magazine'
Daan Wessing

'The role of electromyography and ultrasound in the diagnosis of periferal nerve problems'
Nens van Alfen

'Radiating complaints in the arm, what is going on?'
Ralph Haze and Guido Dolleman

'Tendon transfers in hand and wrist in peripheral nerve injuries'
Charlotte Franke and M.J.P.F. Ritt

'Dutch translation of the Patient Rated Ulnar Nerve Evaluation (PRUNE) in ulnar neuropathy'
Andrea Derks, Edith Cup and Joy MacDermid

'Alterations of criteria for CHT-NL'
Committee on Profiling and Quality Improvement

'Pronator syndrome; terra incognita?'
Linda Feitsma-Bunshoek and Esther de Koning-Klein

'The importance of functional usability of a 'dropping hand'
Yvonne Klepke

'Board Policy Dutch Society of Hand Therapy'
Karin Boer-Vreeke, president.

'Effectiveness of mechanical traction in the non-invasive treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome in comparison with usual care'
Margreet Meems, Viola Spek, Willem Kop, Berend-Jan Beems, Leo Visser and Victor Pop.

'Gemstracker EXTRAH, a web based monitoring of physical, social and emotional functioning in Patients with upper limb amputations'*
Lisette Melis-Schrijver, M.S. den Hollander-Ardon, R. van der Veen and W.G.M. Janssen.

'The Elbow'
Report on the autumn symposium of the Dutch Society of Hand Therapy
Anne Kraaijeveld

'Use of medicines. Signaling diseases and risk factors'
Hendrik van der Velde

'Book Review 'Physiotherapy and medication'
Muhammed Ali Kedilioglu.

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Dutch Journal of Handtherapy (NTHT) volume 26, no. 2 - November 2017

Articles with * are in English

Daan Wessing

'All relevant elbow tests available '
Jelle Heisen

'Big Hand Event'
In cooperation with the editorial board, Joris Veltkamp and Folkert van Ewijk

'The effect of a multimodal treatment protocol in patiënts with CMC1 artrosis. A cohort study'
Laura Meuwissen, Freek Lötters,

'Posttraumatic cold intolerance of the upper extremity'*
E.S. Smits, A.T. Malsagova, S. Kambiz

'PICO-CAT; cold intolerance in adults with A hand lesion; are there treatment options?'
Tanja Oud and Elske Bonhof-Jansen

'Knowledge is more than measuring alone Evidence based medicine: How to proceed?'
Ton Schreuders

'Presidential note'
Karin Boer-Vreeke

'Hands across borders Myanmar Project'
Hanneke Zoutendijk- van Beelen and Ton Schreuders

'Spring congress of the Dutch Society for Hand Therapy ( NVHT)'
Loes van Kolfschooten

'Dry Needling for hand therapists?'
Jelle de Moor

Rectification, editorial board

'Inauguration Prof. Dr. Henk Coert'
Prof. Dr. Henk Coert

'Workgroup PROM'S'
Yara van Kooij

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Dutch Journal of Handtherapy (NTHT) volume 26, no. 1 - April 2017

Articles with * are in English

Daan Wessing

'Upper limb prostheses, state of the art and future perspectives' *
Dick H. Plettenburg

'Partial amputation of the hand, prothesis or adaptations?'
Ingrid Roeling, Ellen Mooibroek-Tieben, Nico Kamp, Michael Brouwers, Femke de Backer-Bes

'Myo-electric provision of a prosthesis after total amputation of the thumb'
Vera G. van Heijningen, Jeekle Worst, Wim G.M. Janssen

'The first bionic hand in the Netherlands, a patient report'
Adri van Beelen

'Neuromotus: a new treatment in phantom pain and awkward phantom sensations'
Corry K. van der Sluis, Olga van der Niet, Marjan van der Groep

'Silver Jubilee of the Dutch Journal of Hand Therapy; publish or perish ' *

'Occupation based hand therapy in a baker with an uncommon disorder'
Elien Nijland

'The three-annual world congress handtherapy and hand surgery' Buenos Aires, Argentina
Daan Wessing

'The hand as a Swiss clockwork; report on a jubilee congress in Geneva'
Nicole de Wit, Karin Boer, Yara Kooij

'PPP-Arm: Prothesis Prescription Protocol of the Arm'
Paula Wijdenes , Michael Brouwers, Corry van der Sluis

'Introduction new editor'
Ina van der Woude

'Autumn congress of the Dutch Society for Hand Therapy ( NVHT)', november 11.2016
Loes van Kolfschooten

Dutch Journal of Handtherapy (NTHT) volume 25, no. 2 - November 2016

Articles with * are in English

Daan Wessing.

'Toe to thumb transplant; what items are involved and what is patients experience'
Tanja Bakker and Guusje Besteman.

'Performance of hand function after ray amputation' *
Pleun Hermsen, Sander Brink, Peter Houpt and Cornelis Emmelot.

'Imaging techniques in lesions of the carpalia'
Frank Smithuis, Tim Luijkx and Mario Maas.

'Report on spring congress 2016'
Angelique Hagen.

'Off the Cuff': 'Retrospective assessment of exercise therapy in chronic wrist complaints'
Ilona Zuiderman, Dana Hofstede and Jorit Meesters.

'What is the course in patients with CMC-1 instability during a conservative treatment process measured with the MHOQ en VAS?'
Lisa Esteban Soyer , Karin Schoneveld, Robbert Wouters and Henri Kiers.

'Grip on earth'
Roy Erkens.

'Who dares? PICO-CAT'

'Treatment of M. de Quervain with a wrist- thumb orthesis after steroid infiltration?'
Meike Jonker.

'European certification, not because you have to but because you want to'
Ellen Boer.

'Guidelines hand fractures and luxation in progres '
Gertjan Kroon and Karin Schoneveld.

'The skier's thumb: patient experiences of current splint provision and reflections on
how it would feel if the splint-wearing regime was changed' *
Marjolein Wind.

'Distal radius fractures: what determines the outcome after surgery?' *
Teun Teunis.

'Using picture analysis as a measurement tool for measuring edema in the hand:
a study about usability and functionality' *
Rene Tijsen, Christoph Lukkien and Peter Peters.

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Dutch Journal of Handtherapy (NTHT) volume 25, no. 1 - April 2016

Articles with * are in English

'Chronic thenar compartment syndrome'
Talisa van Brederode and Peter Houpt

'The minimum clinically important difference of the patient-rated wrist evaluation score for patients with distal radius fractures' *
Monique Walenkamp. Robert-Jan de Muinck Keizer, Carel Goslings, Lara Vos. Melvin Rosenwasser and Niels Schep

'De Quervain Synergy (QST) Test' *
Wim Brandsma, Ton AR Schreuders and Lise Brons-Brandsma

'Intermanual Transfer in prosthetic Training'
Thesis Sietske Romkema, University of Groningen

'The app-thumb'
Jos Visser - Vos

'Impairment of theCMC-1 joint, a dynamic approach'
Yvonne Klepke

'Report on the autumn congress 2015'
Nicky Schmalgemeijer

'Static adjustable PIP-extension splint'
Lizet Broekhuizen and Ton Schreuders

'Conservative and surgical treatment of primary arthrosis of the thumb basis'
J.H. van Uchelen

'First dorsal interosseus: abductor and flexor indicis- its relevance in clinical assessment'*
Wim Brandsma, Ton AR Schreuders and Donald Sammut

'Splinter in your thumb resulting in admission to an intensive care unit ... and then ... '
Anne Kraaijeveld en Laura Broekman

Dynamic traction splint in intra- articular fractures
Isabella Goessens en Lique Chatrou

'Conservative treatment of a volar plate lesion of the thumb, a case study'
Linda Weinberger en Lisette Priem-Kip

Custom-made pro and supination splint
Ineke Brils, Marjolijn Lunter, Marieke van Katwijk en Mike van Heel

'Ultrasound of the thumb' *
Niek Vink

'Clinimetrics in Hand Therapy: Hand Assessment Recommendations for Therapy (HandART)' *
Thesis Lucelle van de Ven-Stevens, University of Nijmegen.

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Dutch Journal of Handtherapy (NTHT) volume 24, no. 2 - November 2015

Articles with * are in English

Daan Wessing
'Extensor tendons anno 2015'
Gwendolyn van Strien
'Restrained activities in patients with Dupuytren disease'
Yara van Kooij, Chao Zhou, Arenda Koster-te Velde
'Special flexors'
Irene van Elzakker
'Needing a safe pair of hands' *
Monique den Hollander-Ardon
'Apps in handtherapy'
Nicole de Wit
'Course on pediatric handtherapy, Report of the first course in Rotterdam'
Anneke Hoekstra, Vera van Heijningen
'Jubilee congress. 25th anniversary NVHT'
Karin Boer-Vreeke
'Handtherapist out of comfort zone'
Rosemarijn Moet
'Introduction new editor'
Tanja Oud
'Introduction new editor'
Elske Bonhof
'Masterclass handtherapy'
Tanja Oud
'The NVHT and Fysiopraxis'
Editorial board
'Early active rehabilitation; could it be too early?' *
Els Boiten, Gertjan Kroon, Peter Houpt, Sander Brink

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Dutch Journal of Handtherapy (NTHT) volume 24, no. 1 - April 2015

Articles with * are in English

Daan Wessing
'Project HandArt, Hand Assessment, Guidelines for therapy'
Lucelle van de Ven-Stevens, Maud Graff, Harmen van der Linde, Paul Spauwen, Sander Geurts
'Chronic pain in brachial plexus lesion, a case study'
Elske Bonhof - Jansen
'Report on autumn congress 2014 Dutch Society of Hand Therapy'
Nicky Schmalgemeijer
'New member of the editorial board'
Aline van Luttikhuizen
'A non syndromic, bilateral triple carpal synostosis. A case report' *
Michael Ritt, Daan Wessing, Marco Ritt
'Dutch translation of the Boston Carpal Tunnel Questionnaire (BCTQ)'
Felicia Smits, Monique Ottenhof, Reinier Feitz, Mick Kreulen
'Looking beyond ... Vision on different splinting materials'
Carlo Spee, Mieke van der Steen
'Spring congress 2015, anouncement'
Eleonore Sleegers
'Hands Across Borders 3e Mission to Nepal'
Ton Schreuders
' Non- specific wrist problems, an essay'
Simon van Benthem
'An unusual shoulder complaint, Complications after anaesthesia of the brachial plexus, a case study'
Dani�?«l van Riesen
'Occupational Therapy for Swanson's MCPJ Arthroplasty' *
Veerle C. de Jonge , S. MacGregor, K. Tolmie
'From bulletin to Magazine'
Editorial, Gaby van Meerwijk
'From the Board. From Guild (NTHT) to Association of Hand Therapy (NVHT)'
Karin Boer- Vreeken

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Dutch Journal of Handtherapy (NTHT) volume 23, no. 2 - November 2014

Articles with * are in English

Daan Wessing
'The skin as an organ of perception'
Prof Astrid Kappers, Wouter Bergmann Tiest
'The skin: anatomy, wound healing and scar management' *
Dominique Baars, Prof Esther Middelkoop
'Somatosensory rehabilitation in the treatment of neuropathic pain'
Karin Boer, Peter de Groot
'Rehabilitation after hand burns'
Katinka Bastiaansen, Ellen de Boer, Paul van Zuijlen
'Blow-pipe flame injury, a case history'
Mieke Fransen
'Risks of relapse in Dupuytrens disease after needle fasci�?«ctomy'
Tanja Bakker, Anet Schilder
'Excessive scars'
Frank Niessen, Iris Westra
'Report on spring congress of the Dutch Society of Hand Therapy'
Early active Hand Therapist; Past, Present, Future
Ellen Giesen
'Brittle bones, multiple fractures', a case study
Nettie Koekebakker
'Botuline Toxine A in treatment of cold intolerance in the fingers' A pilot study
Stefanie van den Heuvel, Peter de Groot, Mikko Larsen, Prof Marco Ritt
'Scars, what can a skin therapist do about it?'
Maron Wassink
'Managing oedema and fibrosis with coordinated movement' *
Gerben Schrale, Terence Ryan
'Education in wrist arthroscopy'
Miryam Obdeijn, Thesis University of Amsterdam
'Influence of kinesio taping on pinch grip, one application and considerations on skin and propriocepsis'
Thieu Berkhout
'Get to know your collegue hand therapist'
Joline Bosmans
'Functioning and Health related quality of life of children with congenital hand differences'
Monique den Hollander-Ardon, Thesis Erasmus University, Rotterdam
'Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and repetative ganglion, a case report'
Peter Stam
'Certification', European Certified Hand Therapist (ECHT)
Annemieke Videler

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Guide- lines for authors, August 2014.pdf

NTHT volume 23, no. 1 - April 2014

Articles with * are in English

Hans van den Berg.
'Interview with a resigning president'
'Resigning Board members'
'The Nervus Interosseus Anterior Syndrome (AINS), a wide syndrome'
Hans van den Berg.
'Diagnosis and Evaluation of Sensibility' *
Wim Brandsma, Lizzy Braams, Lise Brandsma.
'Manual strenght testing of the muscles of the hand and wrist' *
Ton Schreuders, Wim Brandsma.
'Diagnosing scapholunate dissociation' *
G.S.I. Sulkers, N.W.L. Schep, M. Maas, S.D. Strackee.
'Introducing new member of the editorial board Yara van Kooij'
'Assessment Klinimetry in handtherapy'
Yara van Kooij, Karin Schoneveld, Caroline Speksnijder.
'Assessment Goniometry Pronation/ supination of the elbow'
Karin van Pelt- Dieleman.
'Pain as an important problem in handtherapy'
Wim Brandsma, Yara van Kooij, Lise Brandsma, Daan Wessing.
'Edema in arm and hand; state of the art' measuring- instruments'
Alexandra Fink.
'Hands Across borders (HAB) mission anouncement' *
Bart Muthert.
'Ortheses for the hand rheumatoid arthritis'; what are patients �? experiences?'
Hilde Severens, Chantal Vervoort, Natascha Ringeling- van Leusen.
'Know your colleague handtherapist Thomas Mosman'Editorial.
'Doctorate' Marie- Antoinette van Kuijk- Minis. Editorial.
'Doctorate' Mirelle Stukstette. Editorial.
'Masters' Melanie Eissens. Editorial.
'Report on the autumn congress 2013 Dutch Society of Handtherapy (NGHT)'. Editorial.
'In Memory of Jan Jaap de Morree'. Editorial.

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NTHT volume 22, no. 2 - November 2013

*Articles in English

Marjan van der Groep
Assessment of developmental disregard in children with unilateral cerebral palsy
Yvonne Geerdink, Annemiek Houwink, Bert Steenbergen, Alexander Geurts and Pauline Aarts
High pressure trauma of the left hand
Peter Stam
Treatment of CMC-arthrosis
Hanneke Zoutendijk and John van de Werff
Sensory reeducation: the plasticity of the brain offers options
Elianne Eiffinger, Tanja Oud and Mirjam de Haart
Hands Across Borders*
Bart Muthert
Intermanual transfer after training with a myo-electrical prothesis stimulator
Sietske Romkema, Raoul Bongers and Corry van der Sluis
Meet your colleague hand therapist
Inge van Hattum
Shockwave therapy in patients with lateral epicondylitis; a descriptive systematic review*
Floris Goes
Myofascial painsyndrome in rock climbing*
Vicen�?§ Punsola Izard
Committee on Profile and Advancement of Quality (CPK)
Madelein Vroomen en Lucelle van de Ven- Stevens

Cooperation in Hand Therapy in Northern Netherlands (IOHT Noord)

Report of Spring congress 2013 Dutch Society of Handtherapy

Announcement of Autumn congress 2013 Dutch Society of Handtherapy

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NTHT volume 22, no. 1 - April 2013

Special issue: hand injuries in sports

Sport injuries of the hand and wrist, a survey
Bas Aerts and Annechien Beumer
Tennis injury of the hand, wrist and elbow
Leonieke van Heeswijk, Anne Spaans, Andras Heijink, Denise Eygendaal and Annechien Beumer
From the president of the International Society for Sport Traumatology of the Hand
Tracy Fairplay
Rock climbing
Marco Bruens
Ball games, acute lesion of the extensor central slip and hand-therapeutic approach
Melanie Eissens
Interview with Anne-Floor Kunkeler, professional snow boarder
Interview with Coby van Heeswijk, international field hockey player
Lustrum congress of the�? Dutch Society of Handsurgery
World congress IFSHT, New Delhi, a report
Gwendolyn van Strien
The cyclists hand
John Ham
Treatment of the non-dissociative carpal instability
Marc Garcia-Elias
Autumn congress Dutch Society of Handtherapy 'Fractures of the distal radius �?´.
Congress committee
Cooperation between hand therapist and orthopedic instrument- maker
Tanja Bakker
Interview with Rob Bontje, professional volleyball player
Hands Across Borders, project in Nepal Interview with Bart Muthert
Interview with Maarten Meiners, professional skier
Fighting and hand surgery
Frederik van Oosterom
The Dutch Society of Handtherapy, report of the board.
Karen Boer-Vreeke
European Certificate of Hand Therapy

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NTHT volume 21, no. 2 - November 2012

Distal fracture of the radius Jesse M. van Buijtenen, MD, Mischa van Tunen, MSc, Wietse P. Zuidema, MD, Robert Jan Derksen, MD, PhD
In Practice: A new device in trigger fingers Gaby van Meerwijk
Innovation: The table of Strackee Editorial
Three dimensional reconstruction of distal fractures of the radius Monique M.J. Walenkamp, MSc, Dr. Iwan G.G. Dobbe, Dr. Ir. Geert J. Streekstra, Dr. Simon D. Strackee, Dr. MSc. Niels W.L. Schep
Hand practices in the Netherlands Inge Hemkes
Anesthesia of hand and arm Drs. Jan H. Eshuis
Myo-electrical prothesis of the arm and hand Prof. Dr. Corry K. van der Sluis, Dr. Ir. Dick H. Plettenburg, Drs. Michael A.H. Brouwers
Meeting Corry van der Sluis, fresh professor of Rehabilitation Medicine Editorial
Protocol ICAM after extensor tendon repair Sylvia Pellekooren
Swanson prothesis of the CMC I joint Drs. Caroline W. van der Zee, Drs. Fientje J.C.van der Zee, Mattie M.L. Dapper, MSc, Prof. Dr. Marco P.J.F. Ritt
Foundation Hands Across Borders Paul Zagt
Midcarpal instability, from instable to stable Anja de Mol, Prof. Dr. Marco P.J.F. Ritt
Know your Fellow Hand Therapist Sabine van Gerven
Certification activities in the field of occupational therapy Drs. Lucelle van de Ven-Stevens

NTHT volume 21, no. 1 - April 2012

Special issue: Hand and Brain

Action of the Visual Brain John van der Kamp and Prof. Dr. Geert Savelsbergh
Cerebral Reorganization and Motor Imagery after Flexor tendon injury Dr. Martin W. Stenekes
Cooperation between the Fingers of the Hand Dr. C�?©line Craj�?©
(Chronic) Pain and the Brain Dr. Roberto S.G.M. Perez, Drs. Rob Vaessen, Johan Marinus and Prof. Dr. Wouter W.A. Zuurmond
Hand Injury in your Head Ernst Schrier
Introduction new Members of the Editorial Board Stephan van de Ven and Daan Wessing
E-cone: new Instrument for Treatment of the Rheumatic Hand Veerle van Alebeek, Dr. Agnes Hoeksma, Drs. Nora van Merendonk, Dr. Dick Spreeuwers and Dr. Ir. Luuk Spreeuwers
Doctorate: After Hand Injury: Psychosocial and Work-related Factors also determine Recovery Dr. Lonneke Opsteegh
Mirror Therapy Dr. Joline Bosmans, Prof. Dr. Corry K. van der Sluis and Melanie Eissens
Know your Fellow Handtherapist Berber Weitenberg
Hands across Borders, Birth of a new Foundation Paul Zagt

Info: nght.handtherapie@gmail.com

NTHT volume 20, no. 2 - November 2011

TFCC provocation tests Elske Bonhof-Janssen, Gertjan Kroon
Presentation at the WCPT Congress 2011: Is a thumb opponens splint useful for patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease? Annemieke Videler
Ulnocarpal abutment syndrome Brigitte van der Heijden
The first ECHT! Annemieke Videler
Saddle deformity Annemieke Videler and Wim Brandsma
Doctorate: Getting a grip on grasping Cornelis van de Kamp
Hands Across Borders, a report Wim Brandsma, Mike van Heel, Monique van Ruiten-Hendriks, Ton schreuders and Lia vergouwen
Posttraumatic dystrohpy, Patients association IlonaThomassen-Hilgersom
New member of the Editorial Commission Riny van den Bergh
Know your fellow handtherapist Stefanie Knijnenburg
Beatrixoord award Olga van der Niet and Paula Wijdenes

Info: nght.handtherapie@gmail.com

NTHT volume 20, no. 1 - April 2011

Special issue: Joints

ScaphoLunate Advanced Collapse, a look over David Mosmuller and Marco Ritt
Distal Radio Ulnar joint instability, a closer look Gertjan Kroon and Elske Bonhof-Jansen
Treatment of osteoarthritis of the first carpo metacarpal joint Annelotte van Bommel, Paul van Minnen en Arnold Schuurman
Postoperative management of MCP arthroplasty in rheumatoid arthritis, experiences in Zealand, Holland Stefanie Knijnenburg-Janse, Hanneke Dommisse-Verburg, Eefje Veenker, Hans Pieter van Not en Ton Schreuders
Locked MCP Jolanda ten Brinke-van Wijk en Mirjam Molenaar-Folmer
Your wish is our command? The patient, the therapist and the solution Marjolein Wind
Know your fellow handtherapist Trix Hubregtse
Certification committee for Professionalization & Quality promotion


NTHT volume 19, no. 2 - November 2010

Dupuytren and needle fasciectomie Thieu Berkhout, Hilde Gunneweg and Arno de Groot
Results of the European Delphi research in the treatment of Mallet fingers Melanie Eissens, Ton Schreuders and Hans Soeters
'Bronovo splint' for Mallet fingers Karin Boer-Vreeke, Anne Feller and Janou Bardoel
Functional wrist stabilization for a radial clubhand Olga van der Niet
Thesis Santosh Rath Wim Brandsma and Ton Schreuders
Twenty years NGHT, an impression Wim Brandsma and Marie-Antoinette van Kuyk-Minis
Protocols for treatment, a graduation paper Astrid Dijkman, Ellen Witteveen, Hanna Richardus, Michelle van Groningen, Susanne Rood, Mattie dapper and Soemitro Poerbodipoero
Pilot for treatment of dystonia Kees Hein Woldendorp
Know your fellow hand therapist Dani�?«lle Hoedemaker
Certification committee Professionalization & Quality promotion

Info: nght.handtherapie@gmail.com

NTHT volume 19, no. 1 - April 2010

Music Anniversary issue

Music, a main issue Ben van Cranenburgh
Part Jaap Kooi
Musician's cramp Hans Koelman en Jose Kruisdijk
Dystonia: clinically and pathophysiology Evelien Zoons, Joke Dijk en Marina de Koning-Tijssen
Promotions Martin Stenekes en Marinda Spies-Dorgelo
Trio with... Maartje van Lely, Lucy van Dael en Ties Mellema
The hand of the musician Rob Nolet
Adapted music Ingrid Roeling en Pieter van Vulpen
Twenty years NGH, How it all began Lia Vergouwen
The 'timpani wrist' Simon Strackee
Wrist protocol Annemieke Videler
There is music in the string prothesis Klaas Hein Woldendorp
Know your fellow hand therapist Marjan Schaap
Music clinics