Dutch Journal of Handtherapy (NTHT) volume 25, no. 2 - November 2016

Articles with * are in English

Daan Wessing.

'Toe to thumb transplant; what items are involved and what is patients experience'
Tanja Bakker and Guusje Besteman.

'Performance of hand function after ray amputation' *
Pleun Hermsen, Sander Brink, Peter Houpt and Cornelis Emmelot.

'Imaging techniques in lesions of the carpalia'
Frank Smithuis, Tim Luijkx and Mario Maas.

'Report on spring congress 2016'
Angelique Hagen.

'Off the Cuff': 'Retrospective assessment of exercise therapy in chronic wrist complaints'
Ilona Zuiderman, Dana Hofstede and Jorit Meesters.

'What is the course in patients with CMC-1 instability during a conservative treatment process measured with the MHOQ en VAS?'
Lisa Esteban Soyer , Karin Schoneveld, Robbert Wouters and Henri Kiers.

'Grip on earth'
Roy Erkens.

'Who dares? PICO-CAT'

'Treatment of M. de Quervain with a wrist- thumb orthesis after steroid infiltration?'
Meike Jonker.

'European certification, not because you have to but because you want to'
Ellen Boer.

'Guidelines hand fractures and luxation in progres '
Gertjan Kroon and Karin Schoneveld.

'The skier's thumb: patient experiences of current splint provision and reflections on
how it would feel if the splint-wearing regime was changed' *
Marjolein Wind.

'Distal radius fractures: what determines the outcome after surgery?' *
Teun Teunis.

'Using picture analysis as a measurement tool for measuring edema in the hand:
a study about usability and functionality' *
Rene Tijsen, Christoph Lukkien and Peter Peters.

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