Dutch Journal of Handtherapy (NTHT) volume 26, no. 1 - April 2017

Articles with * are in English

Daan Wessing

'Upper limb prostheses, state of the art and future perspectives' *
Dick H. Plettenburg

'Partial amputation of the hand, prothesis or adaptations?'
Ingrid Roeling, Ellen Mooibroek-Tieben, Nico Kamp, Michael Brouwers, Femke de Backer-Bes

'Myo-electric provision of a prosthesis after total amputation of the thumb'
Vera G. van Heijningen, Jeekle Worst, Wim G.M. Janssen

'The first bionic hand in the Netherlands, a patient report'
Adri van Beelen

'Neuromotus: a new treatment in phantom pain and awkward phantom sensations'
Corry K. van der Sluis, Olga van der Niet, Marjan van der Groep

'Silver Jubilee of the Dutch Journal of Hand Therapy; publish or perish ' *

'Occupation based hand therapy in a baker with an uncommon disorder'
Elien Nijland

'The three-annual world congress handtherapy and hand surgery' Buenos Aires, Argentina
Daan Wessing

'The hand as a Swiss clockwork; report on a jubilee congress in Geneva'
Nicole de Wit, Karin Boer, Yara Kooij

'PPP-Arm: Prothesis Prescription Protocol of the Arm'
Paula Wijdenes , Michael Brouwers, Corry van der Sluis

'Introduction new editor'
Ina van der Woude

'Autumn congress of the Dutch Society for Hand Therapy ( NVHT)', november 11.2016
Loes van Kolfschooten