Dutch Journal of Handtherapy (NTHT) volume 26, no. 2 - November 2017

Articles with * are in English

Daan Wessing

'All relevant elbow tests available '
Jelle Heisen

'Big Hand Event'
In cooperation with the editorial board, Joris Veltkamp and Folkert van Ewijk

'The effect of a multimodal treatment protocol in patiënts with CMC1 artrosis. A cohort study'
Laura Meuwissen, Freek Lötters,

'Posttraumatic cold intolerance of the upper extremity'*
E.S. Smits, A.T. Malsagova, S. Kambiz

'PICO-CAT; cold intolerance in adults with A hand lesion; are there treatment options?'
Tanja Oud and Elske Bonhof-Jansen

'Knowledge is more than measuring alone Evidence based medicine: How to proceed?'
Ton Schreuders

'Presidential note'
Karin Boer-Vreeke

'Hands across borders Myanmar Project'
Hanneke Zoutendijk- van Beelen and Ton Schreuders

'Spring congress of the Dutch Society for Hand Therapy ( NVHT)'
Loes van Kolfschooten

'Dry Needling for hand therapists?'
Jelle de Moor

Rectification, editorial board

'Inauguration Prof. Dr. Henk Coert'
Prof. Dr. Henk Coert

'Workgroup PROM'S'
Yara van Kooij

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