Dutch Journal of Handtherapy (NTHT) Volume 27, no 2 - november 2018

Articles with * are in English

Daan Wessing

'Dutch guidelines in the treatment of flexor tendon injuries of the hand'
Gwendolyn van Strien, Marjolein Wind

'Report on the spring symposium 'Nerves' June 2018' *
Anne Kraaijeveld

'Neuralgic Amyotrophy'
Tim Besjes

'Is Hand therapy necessary after tenodermodesis or is it not?'
Mattie Dapper, Daan Wessing, Ernst Evenhuis

'Glomustumor in the Hand'
Rita van Hoof, Anja Verhoeff

'Letter to the editor'
Effectiveness of mechanical traction as a noninvasive treatment tool in carpal tunnel syndrome in comparison to usual care
Sietske Romkema, Elise Karssies, Suzanne Boer

'Reaction on Letter to the editor'
Margreet Meems, Victor Pop

'From the Board, report on The Council Meeting EFSHT 2018'
Karin Boer- Vreeke

'Is there 'music' in malunion of a metacarpal head fracture?' *
Karin Boer- Vreeke

'Basic principles in the rehabilitation of elbow disorders'
Jelle Heisen

'Hands Across Borders. Gratitude for gifts to support divers projects'
Paul Zagt, Ton Schreuders, Marjolein Wind

'Letter to the editor'
Tendontransfers in hand and wrist in peripheral nerve injury
Wim Brandsma

'Reaction on Letter to the Editor'
MJPF Ritt, CHJJ Franke

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