Dutch Journal of Handtherapy Volume 28, no 1 - april 2019

Articles with * are in English

Daan Wessing

'Hand surgery in Cerebral Palsy'
Anouk Louwers, Jessica Warnink-Kavelaars, Miryam Obdeijn, Mick Kreulen,Frans Nollet, Anita Beelen

'The Assisting Hand Assessment'
A measuring instrument in mapping the use of the affected hand in children with a unilateral impairment
Karin Boeschoten

'Motor development in Obstretic Brachial Plexus Lesion'
Veronique Schaaf

'Effect of splinting and influencing factors on extension of the proximal interphangeal joint in children with camptodactyly'
Floor Ebenau-Schulten, Monique den Hollander-Ardon

'Standard Outcome Measurement Set'
The development of an international set of outcome measures in children with congental disorders of the upper extremity
Monique den Hollander-Ardon, Christianne van Nieuwenhoven

'Juvenil pain, a new App

'Effective use of the 'small'hand: from fixation to grip'
Annoek Louwers, Lisanne van der Molen-Meulmeester, Chantal van der Horst, Jessica Warnink-Kavelaars

'Hand splints in children: a specialized skill'
Olga van der Niet, Marjan van der Groep, Paula Wijdenes

'Both-Bone forearm fractures in children' *
Joost Colaris

'Symposium 'Day of the PROM's & Dupuytren's Disease'
Tim Besjes, Anne Kraaijeveld-Trentelman

'Job Offer'
Asked: Editor in Chief for the Dutch Journal of Handtherapy

'Report on the NPI Masterclass Handtherapy in Children'
Floor Ebenau-Schulten

'Dutch guidelines in Handfractures and -luxations: process and outcomes'
Gertjan Kroon, Karin Schoneveld

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