NTHT volume 22, no. 1 - April 2013

Special issue: hand injuries in sports

Sport injuries of the hand and wrist, a survey
Bas Aerts and Annechien Beumer
Tennis injury of the hand, wrist and elbow
Leonieke van Heeswijk, Anne Spaans, Andras Heijink, Denise Eygendaal and Annechien Beumer
From the president of the International Society for Sport Traumatology of the Hand
Tracy Fairplay
Rock climbing
Marco Bruens
Ball games, acute lesion of the extensor central slip and hand-therapeutic approach
Melanie Eissens
Interview with Anne-Floor Kunkeler, professional snow boarder
Interview with Coby van Heeswijk, international field hockey player
Lustrum congress of the�? Dutch Society of Handsurgery
World congress IFSHT, New Delhi, a report
Gwendolyn van Strien
The cyclists hand
John Ham
Treatment of the non-dissociative carpal instability
Marc Garcia-Elias
Autumn congress Dutch Society of Handtherapy 'Fractures of the distal radius �?´.
Congress committee
Cooperation between hand therapist and orthopedic instrument- maker
Tanja Bakker
Interview with Rob Bontje, professional volleyball player
Hands Across Borders, project in Nepal Interview with Bart Muthert
Interview with Maarten Meiners, professional skier
Fighting and hand surgery
Frederik van Oosterom
The Dutch Society of Handtherapy, report of the board.
Karen Boer-Vreeke
European Certificate of Hand Therapy

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