NTHT volume 22, no. 2 - November 2013

*Articles in English

Marjan van der Groep
Assessment of developmental disregard in children with unilateral cerebral palsy
Yvonne Geerdink, Annemiek Houwink, Bert Steenbergen, Alexander Geurts and Pauline Aarts
High pressure trauma of the left hand
Peter Stam
Treatment of CMC-arthrosis
Hanneke Zoutendijk and John van de Werff
Sensory reeducation: the plasticity of the brain offers options
Elianne Eiffinger, Tanja Oud and Mirjam de Haart
Hands Across Borders*
Bart Muthert
Intermanual transfer after training with a myo-electrical prothesis stimulator
Sietske Romkema, Raoul Bongers and Corry van der Sluis
Meet your colleague hand therapist
Inge van Hattum
Shockwave therapy in patients with lateral epicondylitis; a descriptive systematic review*
Floris Goes
Myofascial painsyndrome in rock climbing*
Vicen�?§ Punsola Izard
Committee on Profile and Advancement of Quality (CPK)
Madelein Vroomen en Lucelle van de Ven- Stevens

Cooperation in Hand Therapy in Northern Netherlands (IOHT Noord)

Report of Spring congress 2013 Dutch Society of Handtherapy

Announcement of Autumn congress 2013 Dutch Society of Handtherapy

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