NTHT volume 23, no. 1 - April 2014

Articles with * are in English

Hans van den Berg.
'Interview with a resigning president'
'Resigning Board members'
'The Nervus Interosseus Anterior Syndrome (AINS), a wide syndrome'
Hans van den Berg.
'Diagnosis and Evaluation of Sensibility' *
Wim Brandsma, Lizzy Braams, Lise Brandsma.
'Manual strenght testing of the muscles of the hand and wrist' *
Ton Schreuders, Wim Brandsma.
'Diagnosing scapholunate dissociation' *
G.S.I. Sulkers, N.W.L. Schep, M. Maas, S.D. Strackee.
'Introducing new member of the editorial board Yara van Kooij'
'Assessment Klinimetry in handtherapy'
Yara van Kooij, Karin Schoneveld, Caroline Speksnijder.
'Assessment Goniometry Pronation/ supination of the elbow'
Karin van Pelt- Dieleman.
'Pain as an important problem in handtherapy'
Wim Brandsma, Yara van Kooij, Lise Brandsma, Daan Wessing.
'Edema in arm and hand; state of the art' measuring- instruments'
Alexandra Fink.
'Hands Across borders (HAB) mission anouncement' *
Bart Muthert.
'Ortheses for the hand rheumatoid arthritis'; what are patients �? experiences?'
Hilde Severens, Chantal Vervoort, Natascha Ringeling- van Leusen.
'Know your colleague handtherapist Thomas Mosman'Editorial.
'Doctorate' Marie- Antoinette van Kuijk- Minis. Editorial.
'Doctorate' Mirelle Stukstette. Editorial.
'Masters' Melanie Eissens. Editorial.
'Report on the autumn congress 2013 Dutch Society of Handtherapy (NGHT)'. Editorial.
'In Memory of Jan Jaap de Morree'. Editorial.

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